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Spellman goes 9 & 2 on the season.

Posted Wednesday, April 29, 2009 by Daniel Crane
 Spellman Varsity  is currently 9 & 2 on the season with a 6 & 2 record in the league.Spellman's sucess comes from a good mix of senior leaders( Sophia Ponce-4 yr. starter, Francis Trosa-3 yr. starter, Lauren Carew 2-yr starter, Alex Tunjian 2- yr. starter,Linda McCaffrey 2 -yr. starter,Kimmy Biolsi 2-yr. starter and Corianne Siegel 2 -yr. starter) guiding the underclassmen of five juniors, one sophomore, and two freshman.
Today 4/29/09 Spellman defeated Maria Regina for the second time this season by the score of 5 to 4.
Spellman offense started off slow getting one runner on base in the first and second but then in the third inning with 2 outs Franny Trosa hit a single followed by Sophia Ponce hitting a double knocking in the first run of the game, that was then followed by Freshman Victoria (Quiny) Quinones hitting a hard one up the middle to score Ponce. Spellman led 2 - 0.
The forth inning was led off by Monica Muffoletto hitting a triple to left center, Malaya Lambert then knocked her in with a F/C.The next hitter was Cori Siegel who has been hitting the ball hard all year but just hitting where people are standing, anyway with a 3 and 1 count the coach was going to give the bunt sign but held off, Cori then hit a Blast over the right field fence and over the track for a big time homerun! That was then followed by Linda McCaffrey hitting a single and being driven in with a double from Franny Trosa. Spellman led 5 - 0.
Spellman then went 3 up and 3 down the next two innings taking a 5 - 0 lead into the top of the seventh.
In the top of the seventh Maria Regina's #4 hitter led off with a double, then the next hitter followed with a single, the #6 then hit to Muffoletto at second who threw her out at first with the runner on third scoring. Spellman leads 5-1. The #7 hitter then came up and hit one over the right field fence. Spellman' s lead was cut to 5 - 3. The # 8 hitter pop out to Ponce on first. The #9 hitter then walked and the # 1 hitter moved her over to third with a single and the # 2 hitter drove in the # 9 with another single. Spellman's lead was now cut to 5 - 4. With runners on 1st and 2nd and the # 3 hitter up it was to say the least, a little tense.  The # 3 then hit a hard grounder at the shortstop, Franny Trosa, who took it herself at second to record the 3rd out and close out the game giving Spellman the Big Win!
To use Coach D's saying "bend but do not break"
The varsity girls bent a little but refused to break!
Great Game Girls!

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